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ociology and psychology have always been our primary driving forces while co-creating the brand with our partners. Our approach entails defining the target audience, delving into their psyche and gathering insights along with our partners, thus embarking upon a digital together.

Consumers are increasingly relying on the internet and social media to make choices, be it the purchase of a dress, a drink, or that of a property. We are growing as a digital world, and the referral system is our guiding light. It is here that we come into the picture for your brand, bridging the gap between your customers and you, thereby creating a happy and engaged audience for your brand. After all, it is the happy customer who will draw his or her acquaintance to your brand in the first place!

With these important insights in our minds, we identify key factors which define your brand, merging it with trends on the verge of becoming the next big thing. We then tune in to these trends that will carry your brand image forward with your audience. All our work proves our consistency in doing the same – hey, our partners testify to the same!

Our Strengths
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  • The Other Guys are in fact the original guys who brought about quite a storm
    in a teacup in the world of social media for our brand Jimmy Hu

    Karan Manavalan,   Jimmy Hu

  • Splendid effort from The Other Guys! They've really understood my needs and provided me with the right guidance

    T J Venkateshwaran,   TJ's Brew Works

  • The best in the business, is what I have to say about The Other Guys

    Nick Hawkins,   WTF!

Our Team

Our creative team will make your ideas possible.

Saurabh Social Media Strategist

He left behind his advertising job for the love of non-traditional communication. He loves music and psychology. When not at work he’s somewhere far away from the city noise and chaos.

Esha Strategy and Social Media Zealot

She loves animals. Also loves reading and tries to make enough time for her love for painting. When not at work, you will find her in the gym, or at a coffee shop, or checking out a new eatery.

Rajat Social Media Fanatic

Rajat spends most of his time surfing the web, exploring art, history, science and philosophy. Always up for a beer or two or three or more, his last seen on Whatsapp will always be at the bar.

Protima Social Media Lunatic

A typical Taurean, Protima is artistic, enthusiastic, reliable, patient, and extremely optimistic. In her free time, you’ll find her at a food review. Or at the gym. Or at a coffee shop, writing. Or shopping.

Malvika Social Media and Design Fanatic

​​Malvika is a design freak. She lives to eat. She's got everyone's secrets up in her hair but is mysterious herself! And she's always up for a dance.

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We offer nothing but innovative solutions for brands keeping in line with the brand vision.

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Work with The Other Guys

We don’t believe in assigning designations and everyone is treated with equal respect. We identify where your strengths lie and assign you a comfortable profile. Motivation in an informal yet professional environment is what we offer.

Missing a family function or an important appointment at the dentist because of work? No worries. Just delegate your work with a few instructions to your colleagues. Don’t forget you’ll have to do this for them too. We’re all here to work together and achieve the best results!

We do not have any openings at the moment. But hey, you could always drop in a line so we can contact you if something pops up.

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